A Commitment to Blogging

I had a great time attending CocoaConf Boston over the past few days. At that conference, Rob Rhyne gave a session where he discussed the importance of talking about one's work while in progress. Until now, I have rarely talked online about my current projects.

This blog will not be exclusively focussed on my work, but the need to talk about my work outside the context of my company web site inspired me to create this blog. I had a site and blog here before, but the site was so sparse and posts were so laughably infrequent that I saw no reason to bring that content forward.

I am using Squarespace to host this site. I did not want to maintain a new server instance or add moving parts to an existing server. Jekyll is fantastic for generating static sites, but I wanted the ability to dash off a short post from my phone. Jekyll does not make that easy. Since I am using my own domain name and since Squarespace makes it easy to export content, I can easily move this site if Squarespace becomes unsuitable.

In order to force myself to post regularly, I am publicly committing to at least one medium-length post per week.

Update 11/21/2014: I ended up moving back to my Jekyll-based blog.