WWDC 2015 Wish List

This is my WWDC 2015 wish list.


  • A way to select alternate default apps for email, web browsing, and maps.
  • Reliability improvements to the document provider mechanism. This bug makes them utterly unusable for me.
  • A more intuitive shift key.
  • An easier way to switch between the default keyboard and third party keyboards.
  • An easier and more intuitive way to enable third party keyboards.
  • The ability to sideload apps onto iOS devices.


  • Reliability improvements and a more comprehensive set of entitlements for the sandbox.
  • Something like UXKit, allowing iOS apps to be ported to the Mac more easily.


  • A reversal of Apple's decision to prohibit AltConf from showing WWDC content.
  • An Apple TV SDK. This now seems unlikely.
  • AirDrop reliability improvements.