Why I Oppose Trump Taking the Oath

I am in favor of several movements to stop Donald Trump taking the oath of office, such as this petition for the Electoral College to elect a President other than Trump.

My lack of confidence in Donald Trump goes far deeper than his positions, his conflicts of interest, and his incompetence. I am not confident that Trump will not launch a nuclear attack over matters as insignificant as those behind his Twitter attacks. I am not confident that Trump will allow free elections to happen during his Presidency. I am not confident that Trump will leave the White House peacefully when his term expires or after he is impeached and convicted of a crime.

Some warn that preventing Trump from taking the oath of office after what is believed to be a fair election will lead to civil war and destruction of our democracy. This is a valid concern and one I take seriously. However I also question the ability of our democracy to survive a Trump Presidency. Given the nuclear weapons under the control of the executive branch, I question the ability of human civilization to survive a Trump Presidency.